Laptop Accessories

In our mobile age where everything changes so fast, portable computers (laptop, notebook) has gradually become an attribute of any person. After all, you can use them to stay abreast of all news anywhere in the world, communicate with family, friends, colleagues, is very far from them. Advantages of mobile computers very much. But whether they are perfect! Every modern notebook is equipped with touch panel (touch pad) to control cursor in different programs. Still, we recommend that, when given the opportunity and the laptop is on the table, to work with the mouse. Here are a few reasons for this: Ergonomic Economic Technological Let us examine them in detail.

The reason for ergonomic – while working with mouse reduces stress on the wrist, since the manipulator has a special hull form, which makes work more comfortable. The reason for the economic – Touch panel, touch-pad notebook (netbook) is a node in a mobile computer, and the output node failure can cause costly repairs, which will definitely be more expensive than buying a new mouse. The reason technology – modern mouse much more sophisticated than the touch pad, even the most advanced notebook computer. Resolution, additional buttons, sensitivity – this is not a complete list of parameters on which the mouse is left far behind sensory panels of laptop computers. So, we have determined that the mouse is a necessary accessory, even for a mobile computer. What criteria it should meet, so that buying it, you realize that money is not spent in vain? We formulate important, in our opinion, the factors – the mouse should be: compact, lightweight, strong, to fit in a pocket laptop bags, not to be broken on the road, in transit, to allow work in confined spaces conditions – when the workplace a minimum of space comfortable and functional to respond to your ideas about style and, of course, affordable choice models of mice in the Russian market is huge. Let's try to hold them classification. By type of interface connection to computer: usb – Universal fit, as to personal computers and laptops, netbooks, equipped port usb ps / 2 – are mostly designed for desktop computers, since modern laptops are generally not equipped with ps / 2 ports for the type of sensor: Optical – to illuminate a surface on which to move the mouse, using a special diode laser – to highlight surface uses solid-state laser, which allows for more precision work that requires designers, gamers type of connection to the computer: Wired – using a cable, can be uncomfortable and old-fashioned, but reliable and inexpensive wireless – a communication channel is used, it can be either a radio frequency, and more exotic – on the protocol Bluetooth, for example by size: desktop (large, length 10-11cm) – designed to work home, office, Mini (the length of 6-7cm) – medium-sized ultra mini (length 4-5cm) for laptop computers, we recommend to stop your choice on wired mini optical mouse with usb. Several reasons for this: a relatively Versatile low power consumption – no driver and settings can be equipped with coil cable is reeled in, thus saving space, as well as more convenient to carry and operate the mouse Affordable in retail these manipulators are from 300 to 1000 rubles Mouse – a useful accessory for any mobile computer!